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Dr Gobind Bal


Hip & Knee | Sports Focus

Dr Gobind Bal

Orthopaedic Surgery

Hip & Knee | Sports Focus

Dr Gobind Bal is an accomplished orthopaedic surgeon renowned for his expertise in joint replacement surgery and sports injuries. Growing up with a passion for both athletics and science, he found his passion in orthopaedics—a field where he could merge his interests to help others.

The blend of precision, problem-solving, and the opportunity to restore mobility and alleviate pain captivated him.

After completing his medical degree, Dr Bal pursued rigorous training in orthopaedic surgery in NSW – Northside training program, honing his skills in fracture management, arthroscopic surgery, and rehabilitation techniques. He became particularly drawn to the intricate art of joint replacement surgery (Robotics), fascinated by the transformative impact it had on patients' lives.

Throughout his career, Dr Bal has continually pushed the boundaries of orthopaedic medicine, embracing innovative techniques and technologies to enhance patient outcomes. His dedication to advancing the field has led to publications in medical journals and podium presentation at national and international conferences.

Beyond his clinical expertise, Dr Bal is known for his compassionate bedside manner and unwavering commitment to his patient’s well-being. He approaches each case with empathy and takes time to listen to his patient’s concerns and develop personalised treatment plans tailored to their needs.                 

When he is not in the operating room or clinic, Dr Bal enjoys spending time outdoors, playing golf and cricket. He also volunteers his time and expertise to St. Mary’s football league club as well as medical missions, providing orthopaedic care to communities around the world.


Joint replacement surgery (Robotics and Conventional): Performing procedures such as Total hip replacement and Total knee replacement to alleviate pain and improve mobility in patients with severe joint damage.

Sports medicine: Treating sports-related injuries, including ligament tears, tendon injuries, and cartilage damage, often using minimally invasive techniques.

Adult and Paediatric Fracture management: Diagnosis and treatment of bone fractures, including complex fractures and traumatic injuries.

Arthroscopic surgery: Performing minimally invasive procedures using an arthroscope to diagnose and treat joint conditions such as torn cartilage, ligament injuries, and meniscus repair.

Patellofemoral stabilisation

Deformity correction using patient specific implants

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