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Mr Roger Bell


Mr Roger Bell

Vascular Surgery

Mr Roger Bell is a dedicated, highly skilled vascular, endovascular and transplantation surgeon with over 20 years of surgical experience.

His experience covers the entire spectrum of vascular disorders and he treats patients using open and endovascular procedures.

He has an important role in the renal transplant unit at the Monash Medical Centre performing numerous transplantation and dialysis operations each year.  He also actively participates in the teaching and development of trainee surgeons.

Mr Bell has developed a particular interest in the management of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and facial blushing by endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy and has performed over 1,000 procedures with outstanding results over the past 15 years, as well treating plantar hyperhidrosis with lumbar sympathectomy. Other interests include the management of endofibrosis in elite athletes.

On site vascular imaging service staffed by fully accredited vascular sonographer


Conditions treated include:

  • Venous disorders
  • Arterial disorders
  • Hyperhidrosis and facial blushing



Venous disorders include:

  • Varicose Vein treated by endovenous laser, surgical excision of varicose veins or ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy
  • Spider veins and telangiectases treated by sclerotherapy and Cutera laser
  • Treatment of leg swelling due to venous insufficiency of lymphoedema
  • Treatment of deep venous thrombosis


Arterial disorders include:

  • Peripheral vascular disease treated with open or endovascular techniques
  • Aortic aneurysms treated by endoluminal grafting
  • Carotid endarterectomy
  • Claudication in elite athletes
  • Less common arterial disorders such as renal artery stenosis, mesenteric ischaemia


Hyperhidrosis and facial blushing treatment:

  • Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy for hand (palmar) hyperhidrosis or facial blushing
  • Lumbar sympathectomy for foot (plantar) hyperhidrosis
  • MiraDry for armpit (axillary) hyperhidrosis and/or odour
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